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  • Professional Blockchain Team: Digital Assets AI Quantitative Investment Team, Blockchain Project Value Assessment Team, Digital Assets Venture Capital Team.

  • Target to invest global superior blockchain ecosystem projects in infrastructure, application and derivative industries.

  • Build an investor community, and adhere to the investment philosophy of "openness, transparency, and trustiness" to provide high quality services to the community.


SMW Fund Market Cap


  • Net Asset

    16907.11 ETH

Strategic investment1154.56 ETH

Project investment 13764.24 ETH

Token Pool
543.42 ETH

Net value to
be distributed
1444.90 ETH

Investment Strategy

What will SMW do to protect investors’ capital security?

  • SMW Fund will only invest in digital assets—Tokens, to which investors have control over. Digital token has following blockchain technology features: The token amount is constant, and won't be overissued, and also will not be affected by a third-party organization. The data is tamper-proof, and recorded distributedly. The transaction is transferred peer to peer transparently, and signed by multi encrypted keys.

  • SMW funds invest only in blockchain industry-related projects, including blockchain underlying chains, blockchain general technologies, and blockchain applications. Smart contracts are fair and equitable, and won't be operated and intervened by any institution or manipulated.

  • SMW Fund will also issue token. When the investment gains and losses are evaluated by token, investors can have a clear understanding of the investment, thus can decide whether to buy more or sell at any time.

Issue Mechanism

  • SMW Token Total Supply: 1.3 billion tokens, and the initial price is 1.0 RMB; 1.0 Billion SMW tokens will be released by installments to the market, and subscribed by the investors; 0.3 billion tokens will be also be released in proportion as the SMW Fund operation fee and rewards to SMW founding team.

Trade Mechanism

  • Operation and Management Fee

    Fund Management Fee: Investment Amount*2.0% (annual rate), withdraw daily; Founding Team Operation Reward: Profit*20%; when the net profit exceeds 30%, the rewarded token will be released.

  • Information Disclosure

    The updated investment info. and paper profit will be reported regularly to investors via blockchain technology.

  • Settlement Mechanism


    Risks Warning: Digital asset investment is a high-risk investment, and the market fluctuates greatly. SMW promises to operate the relevant assets on the principle of openness, transparency and truthiness, formulate and implement corresponding internal control and risk management systems, thereby to reduce the probability of risk. However, these systems and methods can not completely avoid the emergence of risks. Investment is risky, and caution must be taken when entering the market.

SMW Fund Success Cases

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